The aim and tasks of Tarnobrzeski Industrial – Technological Park

The Tarnobrzeg Industrial and Technology Park realizes the goals and assumptions of the following strategic documents, among others:

The Tarnobrzeg Industrial and Technology Park (TITP) was established to improve conditions for economic activity and development and the diffusion of innovative ventures.

To this end, during phase I, the following facilities were built: an industrial hall and a business incubator. Land properties have also been prepared for investment. These facilities and investment properties are equipped with full infrastructure and will be made accessible to businesspeople to conduct innovative economic activity within the framework of the industrial and technology park.

The implementation of the above tasks should guarantee improved conditions and a foundation for the development of enterprises, a producer cluster as well as human capital.

Main goal of TITP: “To increase the investment attractiveness of the Podkarpackie region and stimulate local business through guaranteeing conditions to conduct cutting edge economic activity, increasing the innovativeness of the local economy, effective management of post-industrial property and provision of infrastructure and advisory services.”

This goal will be achieved through the following specific objectives, formulated in response to the problems of the project recipients:

Currently the opportunity for socio-econoic development of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship are stifled to a significant extent by the low quality of technological and social infrastructure as well as the unbalanced and disproportionate development of investment properties in urban centers.

Planned impacts of TITP activity: