Technology zone - Technological Incubator

The incubator building is in effect a two-storey building with no cellar – with two bays from the first floor allocated an additional utility level.


Constructed using prefabricated reinforced cement construction technology. Exterior made from lightweight layered walls. The building is equipped with the following systems: water-sanitation, central heating, natural gas, mechanical ventilation, electrical, telephone and internet, industrial television, and additionally, in the administrative/social buildings – a cooling system. Warm water is heated with renewable energy – solar collectors. The building is equipped with its own boiler station. Heat use will be metered and charged separately for each sector.

The building has a rectangular footprint divided into eight sectors for leasing, with four on the first floor and four sectors on the second. The sectors have been allocated verticle penetration (stairs and elevators), staff rooms and utility rooms. The first floor is intended for production-services-laboratory use with an administrative/staff section, while the second floor is intended for administrative/office use. Eight gates 4.5 x 3.5 m in area have been constructed in the production/services/laboratory section.

Individual sectors may be charged for utilities separately, and may be included in larger functional teams.

Mechanical ventilation is anticipated for the entire facility. In office areas on the first floor and the entire second floor, an air cooling option is also anticipated. The production area has surface-hardened concrete floors. Due to fire protection regulations, the facility has been classified as low, three-storey, with four fire zones that have been allocated a firewall and firewall ceiling. The first floor and part of the utility split level has been classified as a PM zone. The second story office areas, on the other hand, have been classified as zones ZL III, with class “C” fire resistance.

Basic building parameters: